If there's three things to really focus on when preparing for a triathlon race or even the Iron Man, these are the ones:
  1. Swim Drill for Improved Body Position: The body position drill involves swimming with a kickboard or pull buoy between your legs to focus on maintaining a horizontal body position and reducing drag. This will improve your swim technique and increase efficiency.

  2. Bike Cadence Drill for Improved Pedaling Efficiency: The cadence drill involves cycling at a high pedal cadence (90-100 RPM) for short intervals, then slowing down to recover. This will help you develop a smooth pedal stroke and increase your cycling speed and endurance.

  3. Run Strides for Improved Running Form: The strides exercise involves short bursts of high-intensity running, followed by a slower recovery jog. This will help you develop a more efficient running stride, improve your form and increase your speed and endurance.

By incorporating these technique exercises into your triathlon training, you can improve your overall performance and reach new levels of success in the sport.